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Bradford Brewery launched in Bradford City Centre in February 2015. The eagerly awaited brewery saw the return of the brewing industry to Bradford City Centre for the first time in over 60 years!

At Bradford Brewery we brew tasty, traditional Yorkshire ales alongside hop-forward craft beers.  We are incredibly proud of our local heritage and aim to brew amazing and exciting, non-pretentious beers with bite. With plenty of brewing experience and knowledge in high quality craft ales, Head Brewer Jake Bartleet-Perry  makes the magic happen.  Jake puts a unique twist on our popular core range, alongside our ever-growing range of limited edition hand crafted seasonal specials.

Beer lovers can sample the wares at the Brewery’s on-site bar, showcasing our own selection of one-of-a-kind brews, alongside beers from other great UK breweries. With our huge selection of 8 cask lines and 8 draught lines, we are never short of exciting craft ales and lagers. One striking feature is the glass window allowing visitors to look directly from our cosy bar into the brewery, where you can watch your beer being brewed whilst having a taste of our great food menu.

Bradford Brewery’s 10BBL brewplant was manufactured by Oban Ales in Scotland using components from 19 different countries with an initial production capacity of 16,000 pints per week.

Bradford Brewery’s development was part-funded by a grant from Bradford City Centre Growth Zone – the council’s £35m initiative to attract businesses back into the city centre and to equip the local community with the skills they need to get jobs.  The four-storey building was the former factory and headquarters of Shaw’s Moisture Meters. Our brewery and pub are on staggered levels paying homage to the factory heritage with aptly-named bar areas like the Workshop and Calibration rooms.

The Legend of the Bradford Boar

The Bradford City crest depicts a boar’s head sitting on top of a well. The legend of the boar originates from medieval times and has become part of local folklore.

The story goes that a ferocious boar lived in a wood on the outskirts of Bradford and frequently drank from a well there. It terrorised the people and caused much damage to the land and property – to the extent that the Lord of the Manor offered a reward to anyone brave enough to slay the boar and bring its head to the Manor House.

A hunter took up the Lord’s offer and laid in wait near the well, ready to catch his quarry and thereby claim his reward.  The boar duly appeared and was shot by the hunter who cut out its tongue as proof of his victory and set off for the Manor House.

A short time later, another hunter who’d heard of the Lord’s offer, was passing through the woods. He saw the slain boar lying near the well and thinking of the reward, cut off the boar’s head and set out for the Manor house.  Arriving before the true victor, he claimed his reward for having despatched the ferocious creature, but was unable to account for the boar’s missing tongue.

Soon afterwards, the first hunter arrived and told how he had despatched the beast – producing the boar’s tongue as evidence.  He received his rightful reward – a plot of land named Hunt Yard just outside the town. (Courtesy of www.bradford.gov.uk)

The Bradford Boar


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